• UL Electronic Cable

    The basic product is also the main product. It is mainly used for the internal connection lines of weak current engineering, electronics and electrical equipment, including PVC electronic wires, sheathed wires, and PE high temperature electronic wires. The model certification is complete, the temperature resistance grade covers -40~150°, and the pressure resistance is 30~4000V, which can meet the diversified needs of the market and create a high-quality cable supplier that customers can rest assured.

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  • PV Inverter Cable

    UL10269, UL10070, UL11627, UL3938, UL1032 and other wire materials are suitable for all kinds of winding magnetic rings, transformer inductors, magnetic components, UPS, energy storage batteries, household micro-inverters, string/centralized/container inverters Wait. Product features: soft structure, good performance, optional temperature resistance class -60°~180 degrees, pressure resistance class 300V~4000V. It can be used in harsh environments such as high altitude, high temperature, high cold, and high salt fog. The design fully supports customer needs.

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  • Silicone Cable

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  • Drag Chain Cable

    Highly flexible drag chain cables and robot torsion cables use multiple fine copper wires, divided into PVC, PUR, TPE series products, with flame retardant, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other environmental characteristics, the minimum bending radius can reach 5 times, and After tens of thousands of cycles in the laboratory, it is widely used in industry 4.0, industrial robots, semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, machine tools, automatic packaging equipment, automated assembly lines, integrated equipment and other industrial automation fields. Comply with UL, CE, VDE and other cable industry certifications.

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  • Electric Vehicle Charging Cable

    National standard, German standard, American standard and other new energy electric vehicle charging lines are matched with major electric vehicle brands, such as BYD and BAIC. It is widely used in DC or AC charging guns and high-voltage cables in cars.

    In November 2017, 3Q Cable became the first company in Greater China to obtain the latest European standard EN 50620: 2017 Electric Vehicle Charging Cable TUV Certificate.

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  • American Standard Wind Energy Cable

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  • AUTO Cable

    German standard, American standard, Japanese standard, national standard and other automotive internal cables have obtained TS/IATF 16949 system certification in the automotive industry. FLRY, AVSS, TXL, QVR and other automotive lines are widely used in domestic and foreign brands.

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  • Solar Photovoltaic Cable

    American standard solar photovoltaic indoor and outdoor complete sets of wires PV, XHHW, USE-2, TC-ER and other types of photovoltaic wires are used in solar power stations, outdoor photovoltaics, wind energy and other occasions. Committed to promoting the development of green and clean energy, and providing one-stop solutions for photovoltaic system cables.

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  • Power Cable

    PSE,VDE,UL各类电源线 PSE VDE CE UL各类认证的电源线,按各类不同认证标准生产, 出口欧洲,日本等国家,为民用和工业制造用电安全,保驾护 航。

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  • Motor Lead Cable

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