Company Profile

Zhejiang 3Q Cable Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-quality special wires and cables in the Yangtze River Delta region dedicated to the development and production of various electrical equipment connecting wires, electrical installation wires, locomotive and rolling stock wiring, solar photovoltaic cables, electric vehicle charging cables and other high-quality special wires and cables.

Since the establishment of the company, with its own unique "3Q" spirit, namely: Quality, Quickly, Quantity, it has built a high-quality three-disciplinary team that leads the industry.

Company History


Jiaxing 3Q Cable Co., Ltd. was established

Obtained UL, CSA, VDE and other certifications

Products are exported to Southeast Asia, European and American markets


The company officially changed its name to "Zhejiang 3Q Wire & Cable Co., Ltd."

Fully implement ERP enterprise resource planning system

Obtained supplier qualifications such as Delta, ABB, and SCHNEIDER

Enter the new energy field of photovoltaics and electric vehicles


Passed the national high-tech enterprise qualification certification

Implement BPM business process management

Sales exceeded 50 million


Sales exceeded 150 million, and the company completed the shareholding system transformation

Fully launch the implementation of 5S management, and create the "three quality subjects"

Obtained Electrolux Qualified Supplier Qualification

The first company in Greater China to obtain TUV certification for EN electric vehicle charging cables


"3Q" officially launched on the Growth Enterprise Market

ERP system comprehensive revision and upgrade

The high-temperature production workshop was put into operation

Plan to invest 10 million to build a national scientific research and experiment center

The company gloriously established a party branch

Company Culture

  • "3Q" spirit, namely: Quality, Quickly, Quantity.
    "3Q" spirit, namely: Quality, Quickly, Quantity.
  • High-quality 3Q, high-quality products, high-quality management, and high-quality team.
    High-quality 3Q, high-quality products, high-quality management, and high-quality team.